Friday, August 13, 2010

Friendly Friday

Headed out the door at 5:00 to join the SPP Friendly Friday ride to Annapolis. I hadn't ridden at all Wed or Thursday. The bike was tuned up Wednesday and Wednesday night is sailing night so I can't commute to work on the bike AND make it to the boat in the evening. Thursday morning I took my folks to the airport to begin their Alaska vacation.

So this was the first ride in two days and the first ride after the tune up. It seemed prudent to check the tire pressure. I connected my floor pump to the front tire and the handle immediately rose up out of the pump and hit me in the chest as I was leaning over it attaching the hose to the stem of inner tube. It appears the check valve in the pump has gone faulty and the whole time I'm messing with it I managed to deflate, not top off, my front tire. Now I'm pressed for time. So I burned a CO2 cartridge and took of for the RB. I met 4 others there, including Jerry who rode all the way down from Catonsville.

Jerry and I were the only ones from usual Chick n Ruth club so we opted for breakfast with the other riders at Hard Bean. It was nice to eat outdoors. The breeze was up and the sky looked threatening but we never actually got rained on. A nice start to the day.

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