Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting back to old routines

Met the SPP this morning at the Rusty Bridge at 5:45. Almost a dozen of us set out for Friendly Friday. It was great to see everyone. Most of us continued to Annapolis for B'fast. I enjoyed catching up with Clif, Chris, Earl, Jim and the others. I also met Ed for the first time, he's the girls Cross Country coach at SPHS.

I had breakfast with friends Rod, Charlie and Charlie's son Noah at Chick N Ruth's while most of the other biker's went to Hard Bean for quicker service. Earl rejoined me at CnR and rode with me to the Airport after breakfast. Most of the SPP group was scattered by then. But Earl often makes Fridays his big mileage day and after accompanying me to the airport, he went to log over 70 miles before the day was done. I enjoyed the company on what would otherwise have been a solo leg to the office. You can read about Earl's day here.

After work I set a very leisurely pace home. The humidity had broken and it was a very pleasant evening. I stopped for an ice cream from the truck that happened to be at the Dixon plane observation park along the trail and otherwise enjoyed a slow, lazy bike ride.

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  1. ICE CREAM! I knew I should have ridden in on Friday. Why is that ice cream truck never there when I ride home?