Saturday, August 7, 2010

Great Saturdy Riding

I rose at 5 am and knew I should take care of a few maintenance chores. I removed the commuting rack for the weekend. Cleaned and lubed the drive chain and checked the air in the tires. Then I clipped in and headed to meet the early crew at the Ranger Station at 6:00. I was running a few minutes so I set a hard pace and arrived just 2 or 3 minutes late. 5 of us set out there for the Solley Rd loop through Pasadena: Bryan, Clif, Jeff, Me and a new member Mike.

While saying our hellos before heading out Mike shared that he had just returned from a bike tour of the Alps. Sometimes it takes a new member a few miles for him to be comfortable in a tight pace line with the other riders and vice versa. It took Mike maybe a quarter mile to settle in. We held a tight line and set a brisk pace the first 15 miles rotating the lead continuously. The weather was cool and world was just waking up. It was really a lot of fun and a good workout. I started to fade slightly the last few miles. I didn't eat anything due to my rushed departure from the house and I was starting to feel it. Clif also mentioned his legs were tight and still not fully recovered from the 1000K earlier this month. So we dropped back slightly and all regrouped at Java Diva's.

Chris Lane was waiting there for us. Of course we razzed him that he hadn't "earned" his J.D. coffee after missing the 6:00 am start. He had some excuses about alarm clock malfunctions and panty hose caught in his chain ring. We had several minutes to visit and enjoy our java then we headed across to the R.B. to meet the big social ride.

It was a huge turnout, 15+ riders from the Rusty Bridge. But we set out at a much faster pace than normal and for reasons still not clear to me the lead riders left the normal route. Instead of bearing right and picking up Old County Rd. at Evergreen, they hooked left and took B & A Blvd. I thought maybe they were just bypassing the construction on Old County and would turn right at Round Bay rd to resume the normal route. Nope.... kept going.

Okay, we'll grab the trail again at the other end of Old County. Nope... kept going, and still at the crazy hard pace while some of our number were falling back.

So the group was fracturing a bit. Chris and I dropped back at Glen Oban and picked up the trail. The south end of B & A ends at Ritchie Hwy and it made no sense to me to go there with a clear, if crowded trail to bypass it.

Our normally orderly peloton got a bit split up. Some riders followed Chris and I on the trail and some stayed with the pack.

But we all regrouped in Annapolis and enjoyed a great breakfast on city dock. Everyone grabbed their favorite cuppa joe and a snack from Hard Bean, City Dock or the Market House and then ate in the square next to Market House. It was just so nice to be outside with temps in the low 80s and low humidity.

After a long leisurely breakfast Chris and a few others opted to head back up the trail for home. The rest of us took a loop through Bay Ridge and the pack was much more orderly from here on. After Bay Ridge I bid farewell. Janet, Bill and I turned for home. The rest, now about 8 riders were headed for Crownsville to stretch the nice day even further.

Despite the lack of communication about the intended route, it was a great morning riding with good friends.

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  1. Saw you guys at JD as I was taking my wife to Catonsville for a licensure exam. It was a great morning to ride ... too bad it wasn't available to me. I had hoped to ride after getting back into town but a flat on the car changed all plans this morning.