Sunday, August 8, 2010

Great Sunday Ride too!

Went to clip in at 7:40 to meet the SPP 8:00 am Sunday ride and found the front tire flat. Dealt with that and figured I still had time to intercept them south bound on the trail. That worked out fine and we had a great ride to Sandy Point then downtown for breakfast and finally home. I counted 9 of us for most of the trip though a couple of others joined and left at various points along the way. Another great morning, low 80s' slight more humidity than yesterday, but nothing like the last couple of weeks in July. A great way to wrap up the weekend.

But when I plugged the Garmin in to upload the ride to Garmin Connect the history file became corrupt. The history read out on the device still shows the summary details: 36.46 miles 16.2 mph average, 3,164 calories, but no way to recover it and read it elsewhere. Strange.


  1. One more ride and you are at 5000 miles for the year! Nice job. Did you ever imagine those kinds of miles a year and a half ago?


  2. A year and a half ago a 10 mile ride was big day. The idea that I would ride these kinds of numbers was literally beyond anything I could imagine at the time. SO glad I met the SPP and saw what was really possible.