Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Work

Rode with Chris both ways today, always better to have good company than to ride alone. Of course just as I was trying to leave to meet Chris at the train station, the phone rang, and I had to chat with my boss a few minutes. I hate being late to meet a friend like that.

As we rode home we met Carl riding along the trail. He paced us for a while and I shared an SPP card with him and invited him to join us for a weekend ride. I hope we meet again.

We also witnessed a near catastrophe at Robinson Rd. West bound traffic stopped to waive trail riders through. There were several of us stacked on both sides of the road ready to cross. Eastbound traffic was some distance away but apparently the lead car was speeding excessively. As a northbound rider set off, slowly, in to the travel lanes, the driver had to lock her brakes to avoid hitting him. Fortunately it all ended well.

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