Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sandy Point - Bay Ridge and The Wall

Long slow distance today. I rode out to Sandy Point. The wind was blustery and skys gray. But it was also pleasantly cool. At Sandy Point there were a few determined families on the beach playing in surf. I'm sure the water was warm and pleasant to play in, but with no sun the beach was nearly deserted.

Next I rode through downtown Annapolis and then around the Bay Ridge neighborhood. There were several wind surfers and kite boarders off of the Bay Ridge beach enjoying the stiff winds.

Finally on the way home I rode through the Winchester neighborhood and climbed "The Wall" that leads up from the Chase Creek waterfront back to Arnold. If you click the Garmin track and look at the details, check out the elevation change, and my heart rate, around mile 36.

When I got back I cleaned and lubed the chain. I found one chain link nearly separated. I was able to reset the pin with my chain tool, but it looks like I'm due for another new chain soon.


  1. I always wondered where "The Wall" was. It is spoken about in quiet, reverent ways.


  2. It is supposedly the steepest grade to be found anywhere in AA County. The boat I sail on is moored right at the bottom of it, so I've always known where it was, but I've just never had the nerve to try it on the bike, until now. Of course the first time I made sure I was alone and there were no witnesses.

  3. Well done Mike, it's always nice kicking something into in to touch that's been there taking the piss for a while. You'll be up and down that bugger all the while without thinking about it now!