Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Cool Morning

Chris had to adjust his schedule this week and isn't commuting on the bike so I rode solo this morning. Unfortunately this takes the pressure off to get going to make a rendezvous and I got a late start. But once on the move it was a nice ride.

Had to break out a base layer and pair of bib nickers this morning. I tried a new merino wool base layer. Quite comfy. I'm looking forward to more days like this.

I invested in a new light set from Dinotte about a month ago. It includes a 1200 lumen and a 400 lumen light engine with a variety of mounting and battery options. I've been experimenting with best configuration. The big one clearly has to go on the bar, but the smaller one can mount on either the helmet, the bar or down on my fork. On the helmet the 400 + it's battery were a bit heavy. On the fork the 400 didn't seem to add much to complement the big light. So then back to the helmet, but with the battery on an extension cord in my jersey pocket. Now I can see quite a field ahead of me. I think this is the right configuration and will continue with it for a while.

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