Friday, September 10, 2010

Fixy Friendly Friday - Good to see friends are ok

For many reasons (none of them any good) I didn't ride Tue - Thu this week. But I got news Tuesday that two friends riding with SPP 5:45 ride were in a bad accident on the B & A trail. Bryan and Dan were pushing hard trying to catch Dave P who was a few hundred yards ahead when a dog darted out in front of them in close proximity. As I understand it (I wasn't there) Bryan was in front and struck the dog. He went down hard and slid along the pavement before coming to rest in the grass. Dan close behind didn't have time to react and struck either Bryan or his bike and also went down scratching the right side of his face badly. But an angel must have been riding with them as well. They both suffered terrible road rash, Bryan on his leg and hip, Dan on his face and hands. But neither suffered any broken bones, internal injury nor head or neck injury. They expect to mend fully and are already feeling better. The owner reports the dog's injury will also heal. Bryan's bike is a total loss.

Fast forward to 5:45 this morning. I was running late and knew I couldn't make it all the way to the Rusty Bridge by 5:45 so I opted to intercept them instead at the Ranger's Station about a mile further south and right on the usual route. Imagine my surprise to recognize Dan riding with them! He was stiff and the scratches on his face look painful. But he was upright and pedaling! Furthermore his wife didn't slash his tires and take the bike away! (he's had one other fall and been treated with I.V. fluids for dehydration on the bike in the last year).

Bryan met the crew at breakfast in Annapolis (by car) and reports being sore but mending. I'm grateful they both escaped more serious injury and look forward to riding with them. Dan has already made a date to meet us tomorrow morning.

After breakfast, Earl joined me for the ride to the office near BWI. After work I rode to Kinder Park to watch my son Erik (age 7) play football. They won!! Erik had a couple of very good tackles.

From there to the Wrap and Brew on Benfield Rd. to watch Kevin K sing at open Mic night. Who knew he could play guitar and sing? Kevin used to be a customer of mine when he was with John Hopkins U and we've stayed in touch professionally since. Neat atmosphere at the Wrap n Brew with mostly high school kids taking the stage to sing, play music, or try their hand at stand up comedy. Gutsy for such young folks to stand up in front of their peers. Kevin and his very attractive blond partner E Harwood (yes she introduced herself as "E") were quite a bit older than their audience but they seemed to connect and the kids liked the music. So did I. Then finally home after 9 pm! Overall a good day.

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