Friday, September 24, 2010

Friendly Friday

I took a couple of days off Wednesday and Thursday. The legs were more worn after the brevet last week than I wanted to admit. It worked and I felt great today.

I met the SPP morning ride at the Rusty Bridge today at 5:45. There were 11 of us and 5 stayed for breakfast at Hard Bean Cafe downtown. The morning was warm and muggy. As we ate, muggy became foggy over the Severn River. It was quite thick riding back across the river.

Earl rode with me from Annapolis towards the airport on my commute to work. We enjoyed a brisk ride and set plans to ride together at the Seagull Century in a couple of weeks. We also observed the effects of the high humidity and small pockets of air at different temps. Riding behind the Jumpers Hole strip mall, we hit a pocket of cool air and both of us experienced sudden fogging on our eye glasses. Normally this clears as quickly as it forms but not this time. We had to stop and wipe them clean. It was especially remarkable that it affected both us the same way.

We split along Andover Rd. I continued on to a day in the salt mines, Earl later reported he rode a full century for the day!

After work I rode to Kinder Park to see Erik and the 70 lb team play football. Unfortunately I got a late launch from the office and only caught the last few minutes of the game. But the Severna Park Green Hornets won the day and Erik was credited with several big tackles.

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