Saturday, September 4, 2010

Great Saturday!

Wow, if I could write a script for weather, it would be pretty close to today. Temps in the 60s, low humidity, clear. A great day to be outside on a bike or doing anything else.

Chris Lane met me at the Park N Ride at 5:40 and we rode together to Ranger Station to meet the 6:00 sprinters. Work, kids, the busy coming and going of life have kept us from riding together the last week, so it was good to see him. He didn't join the 6:00 ride as he had to get home and take his daughter to the airport, but it was good to say hello.

10 of us set off from the Ranger Station at 6:00 and pace was blistering. I held on for about 10 miles. As the pace line rotated I rolled to the front, held it at about 24 mph briefly then rotated back. ooops.... I could not accelerate quick enough to hold catch rear of the line. I knew it would be a stretch to try and hold the pace the whole way and was prepared before I started that I might have to drop off the back, so that was as good a time as any to wave them on. We re-grouped at Java Divas and then joined the larger SPP group at 7:30.

This time we had over 20 riders!! Met a new member Marie. She lives in Annapolis and drove up to the 7:30 start to ride with us. It was a very friendly large group ride at a social pace to Annapolis for breakfast. Old County Rd is still chewed up for repaving so we used Md 648 south to Glen Oban in order not to crowd the trail too badly with such a big group.

After breakfast I opted not to continue around Bay Ridge in order to ensure I was home in plenty of time to make Zach's football game. 6 others did the same and came with me back to Severna Park where we all peeled off for our respective homes. Now I need to wrap this up and go to that game. Have a great Labor Day everybody.

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