Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love this weather

Another fantastic day to get outdoors. I was slightly chilled much of the ride in this morning. I probably should have slipped on my wind vest. What a great change from the summer heat just a few weeks ago. Met Chris at 5:15 for the ride in. Neither of us had much to say, which is unusual, one of us usually has something to yammer on about, but the miles clicked off quickly. In the dark, just keeping between the sides the trail and avoiding pot holes and other hazards takes more concentration.

The drivers who are routinely out between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning seem to be having a tough time adjusting to the dark too. Yesterday and today I noted several more close passes than usual as we come off of the trail connector at Stewart Ave and approach the light at Dorsey Rd. We're both sporting bright red flashers on the back of the bike but the drivers passed very close aboard and one honked as if we were holding him up.

While I'm griping a bit, the other bikers riding early with no lights before sunrise must be suicidal. I continue to be amazed that anyone would climb on a bike in the pitch black with no lighting and operate it at 15+ mph on a trail they know includes other bikers or worse on the roads with 2 ton vehicles, operated by sleepy, grouchy people who don't want to go to work. Candidates for the Darwin award.

Chris texted mid day that he felt under the weather and was heading home early so we didn't connect for the ride home. Hope that passes for him quickly.

The ride home I had to stop at the voting station and register my preferences for the state primary elections. Our neighborhood poll station has been at the fire house for years. That would be about a 100 yard detour from my normal ride home. But I missed the notice that it had been moved to Severn River Middle School. Fortunately another voter arrived a the same time I did, and he had the notice in his pocket. When it was clear something had changed he pulled it out and set us both straight. That was about a mile and half and I still had 20 minutes so I made it with several minutes to spare before closing time.

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  1. It's still light when I leave at 7am but it won't be much longer.