Monday, September 20, 2010

Mosey Monday

I took yesterday off of the bike to recover from Saturday's big mountains. This morning I rode the Mosey Monday route withe SPP 5:45ers instead of commuting to work. Without a forced second ride this evening to get home, it gives the legs a bit more recover time. I'm also expecting a later evening at work this evening, possibly much of the week (ugh!).

Great morning. Cool, clear temps in the low 60s. I'm getting back in to the Winter time habit of checking the temp before riding so I know how to dress. My front porch thermometer read 65 deg F before I set out so I opted for just the shorts and jersey. That was borderline. A light base layer or arm warmers wouldn't have hurt.

I counted 11 riders. Everyone had stories (lies?) about the brevet or the St. Michael's historic century, or just a good ride around town. If you threw your leg over a bike this weekend, one couldn't help but enjoy the weather. A fun morning. Too bad the real world has to intrude.

Okay, now back to work.....

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