Sunday, September 26, 2010

Severn - Ft. Meade - Elkrdige - BWI - Home

No ride yesterday. Zach had a football game on the Eastern shore and had to muster at 9:00 in Centreville, MD to warm up with his team. I took Erik along too and my parents met us there. Zach and his team mates on the Severna Park Green Hornets 90lb team dispatched the Queen Anne's team 12 - 0!

After the game, Zach, Erik and I drove to Cambridge and caught the transition of the Iron Man relay from bike to runner. This is an amazing event, 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles on the bike, then a full marathon. For the competitors doing the entire event, my hats off. What a challenge for endurance. Friends Desi (swim), Clint (bike) and Dave (run) competed as a relay team and won their division!! We caught the transition as Clint finished his bike ride and handed the baton (really a computer chip on a velcro strap) to Dave to begin the run. Temps were in upper 80's all afternoon, much higher than normal for this time of year, making for a long day for Clint and Dave on the roads of the Eastern Shore with only harvested corn fields for shade.

Here's Dave waiting in the staging area before Clint arrives for the handoff....

From Chesapeake Man - Iron Man Relay

This morning I met Fran, Steve, John and Janet for a Sunday morning loop planned for 40 miles. Fran put out the call and led the charge. I wouldn't choose MD 175 for a weekday ride, but on Sunday morning it was fine. Steve got a visit from the Puncture Fairy near the airport, but otherwise it was a nice ride with no incidents.

Temps were warmer than forecast, in the mid 60s and a light sprinkle of rain started earlier than forecast. On balance the light wool base layer I wore kept me quite comfortable. Absent the rain, it probably would have been too warm.

As we returned Severna Park, John, Fran and Steve broke off at various points to return home and pursue Sunday activities, home chores, etc. Janet and I opted to drag out the fun a bit longer and stopped at Big Bean for coffee and a snack. Then it was home and chores for me too.

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