Monday, September 27, 2010

Wet Wet Morning

I've frequently used tight deadlines and busy days at work as an excuse not to commute in by bike. Usually after the crunch passes, I've regretted the lost miles and exercise. I knew today would be a crunch trying to squeeze in one too many meetings and the wet forecast also offered an excuse not to ride. So I ignored both and rode in anyway.

It was wet and dark riding in. I resembled the proverbial "drowned rat" when I finally arrived at the office. But a thin wool base layer under the rain jacket and jersey kept me comfortable. Visibility was lousy and my pace showed it. I keep a spare kit with degreasing fluid, rags, lube, and a few tools at work in case an especially wet ride or other issue requires attention on the bike. So after I cleaned up and got in to dry clothes I took 5 minutes to wipe down and re-lube the chain. Then I started the day. Even after all of that, I was glad for the exercise before all of the meetings and troubleshooting.

Note: It's time I look for a new lube. The wax I've been using is easier to keep clean, but it has no staying power in wet conditions.

On the way home I suspect an angel must have been hitching a ride on my shoulder. The skies looked very threatening, but I felt only a few drops, traffic seemed to have lightened up more than usual. Most of the traffic lights were even green.


  1. You're a matelot, you're meant to like the wet! ;-)

  2. Okay I confess, I had to google "matelot". I think General Patton said the Americans and British are two peoples separated by a common language.

    But you're right, I don't melt.

  3. Patton had it right.

    Matelot was one of the nicer things us Squaddies called members of Her Majesty's Royal Navy. God bless them and all who sail in them...