Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back on the Bike

I knew after the big weekend that I'd need a day off. So I stayed off the bike Monday and slept in an extra hour before work. But when I woke up yesterday morning it was clear I needed two days off. So I didn't ride Tuesday either. Today, it was clear that was a smart move. I felt fine riding in to the office and again coming home.

From work I went to Kinder Park to watch Zach play football. This was game 7 of their season. They are 3 and 3 so far and a win tonight could decide their playoff chances. But the referees didn't make it and the came was called. Very frustrating for the parents and the kids.

On the food front.... I'm seeing a pattern. The program recommended by the Daily Plate service looks at "net calories". Calories eaten minus calories burned. It recommended I shoot for 1755 or fewer net calories per day. So the pattern... it's easy to stay well below that target on days when I ride, and burn plenty of calories. Much tougher on days when I don't. Today I rode, so it was a good day, only 212 net calories.

Tomorrow, the forecast calls for temps in the upper 40s when I strike out for work. Break out the wool base layers.


  1. I just went on the daily plate site and it suggests my calorie goal is 2,472 calories a day. I'm guessing I currently consume 1,600-2,000 calories a day.

  2. That would be consistent with your strong results lately with the weight loss, wouldn't it?

  3. Yes, that's probably the reason I'm losing so much weight. Maybe I should consider eating more?

  4. If you feel good, then I wouldn't be inclined to alter a formula that's working. You might find once you reach your goal weight you'll have to eat more to keep up with your activity level.

    I haven't really studied the idea of maintaining consistent weight, since obviously I'm still in pursuit of significant weight loss. But I look forward to having that "problem" myself.