Thursday, October 21, 2010

A couple of good days

The commute yesterday was uneventful. I'm quite enjoying the fall temps, even if it's a bit damp the last few days.

This morning I rode with the SPP 05:45 crew. Chris sent a text last night and suggested we meet for the ride. I'm glad he did. My first reaction when the alarm went off was to roll over for two more hours of sleep. But peer pressure and not wanting to disappoint got me up and moving. Six of us met at the RB for a nice quick workout before starting our day. Bryan is expecting a reasonable settlement soon from his accident and looking forward to spending it, shopping for his new bike to replace the one lost in the accident. We joked about the recent email threads by the SPP club when someone asked a general question about choice of winter riding jackets. Many Many members chimed in with opinions leaving the original questioner with no clear consensus, and a checklist of possible choices that he could have assembled more quickly with a simple google search. It was all very well intentioned, and the club can be a wealth of knowledge when looking to solve a problem, but in this case result showed the disadvantages of tapping group knowledge and was a bit humorous in the details.

Bryan opted not to use the same approach looking for "advice" selecting his new bike.

Tonight is my first as the new Den Leader for Erik's Cub Scout Den. To ensure my timely arrival I drove to work. I haven't ruled out commuting by bike to the meetings one evening per week. But that means working out a ride for Erik and clothing. I'm not sure bike tights on the scout master would go over well working with 2nd graders. My normal commute pattern takes only a shirt and undergarments on the bike. Trousers and shoes are left at the office. So I'll need to add a uniform of sorts, like a scouting t-shirt and lightweight pants to the commuting kit on scouting days to make that work. We'll see.

Food intake the last 36 hours has been consistent with my targets. Looking forward to a better weigh-in next Monday. My food diary is available for inspection at MyDailyPlate. The link is also visible on the left side of the blog. The key target I'm watching is the net calories or calories eaten less calories burned. Any day below 1775 net calories is on target. Some days it's actually negative. I'm not sure that's necessarily good. I think a couple of negative days last week may have set me up for my weekend binging, and a disappointing weigh in this Monday. So yesterday when my mid afternoon craving set in I went to the Kabob shop here in the building and ordered a small serving of curried chicken and rice. Didn't blow my quota since the day would include over 40 miles of biking and associated calorie burn, and I didn't feel starved later in the evening. It feels like I'm getting the hang of this, but we'll need to see a couple of weeks' of weight trending down to be sure.

The diary also shows other opportunities for improvement. There is still too much sodium and fat content in my choices. All very educational.

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