Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Good Commute to Work - Then Tuesday Pizza

I had a good commute in this morning. Chris is all jammed up at work himself and indicated he can't connect for commutes this week, so I set out a little later than we do when he has to catch a train. Took the Brightview Rd route in and managed to keep just over a 15 mph pace the whole way in.

Did the same on the return and met the SPP evening crowd at Squisitoes for the Tuesday Pizza. I'll need to grow some will power next week and order a salad rather than pizza and beer. But it's fun to meet mid week like this and I hope it continues at least a few more weeks until lack of sunlight will probably end it for those without adequate lights and wool clothing.

If you've been paying attention to the little bike ticker at the top of the screen you can see it's gone the wrong direction lately. Note what I said about salad. I'll be getting more detailed here about my dieting and logging my discipline sticking to it as I make another push to slim down again after taking my eye off of that goal the last couple of months.

Temps are cooler now and light wool base layers with a wind vest are keeping me comfortable.

Big plans this weekend. I'll ride the Seagull Century with my brother Todd and with Earl on Saturday. Then Sunday I'll try to tackle my October brevet for the R-12. That's 225 miles of flat Eastern Shore riding in two days. I've never done that much before in so short a period. Wish me luck.


  1. Good Luck Mike. I am sure you will kill all those miles... eat, drink and keep pedaling.

    Off to NJ tomorrow, NY on Friday, Va. Beach on Saturday and flying to Chicago for the week on Sunday.

    Anxious to get back on a regular riding schedule.

  2. Thanks Chris. Safe travels. I look forward to resuming some our commutes as well.