Saturday, October 23, 2010

A good Saturday Pedal with the Peloton

I met four others at 06:00 at the Ranger Station for an early work out. We completed the Sulley Rd loop at a crisp but not blistering pace until I developed a pinch flat as we turned on to Ft. Smallwood Rd. With the others' help we made pretty quick work of it, but I did go through two tubes, pinched one getting it back on the rim with the levers. (I know, I know, the new tube should installed sans tools).

Then we collected about 8 more at 7:30 at the Ranger station for a very nice ride to Annapolis. The morning was cool and clear. My first time this season with the full length riding pants and two base layers.

After breakfast in Annapolis I rode over to PAL park to watch Zach play football. Zach and the Hornets won 13 - 6. Now I'm watching Navy have it's way with Notre Dame. It's been a very good Saturday.

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