Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mid week tracking

No ride on Wednesday. I've allowed myself two days per week off and with the big rides planned this weekend, wed and thu seemed like good days. Friday will be a light morning ride then the weekend will rack up over 200 miles to Ocean City and back.

M - W I've ridden 2 of 3 days - still on track. I've consumed under my daily target for net calories 2 of 3 days, went over a bit yesterday, but for the first three days of the week I'm at 4298 net calories vs a 3 day target of 6813. Overall not too bad.

The Surly is in the shop getting a tune up and having a spoke replaced on the front wheel ahead of the big weekend.

Tonight is my first den meeting as the leader of Wolf Den 2, Pack 858. Me and 5 or 6 second graders. Looking forward to it.

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