Monday, October 25, 2010

Need further refinement...

Counting calories has been a bit of a roller coaster the last few weeks. I fell off the wagon again this weekend, though the weigh in this morning was flat. So I'm making a few changes to my approach.

First I've changed my weight loss target to 1 lb / week rather than 2 lbs/week. This in turn changes my net calories per day target to 2271 calories per day. At 1755 I felt like I was starving, especially when I didn't ride. Once I blew that number on a particular day, it had a negative impact. As soon as I new I was "out of bounds" for the day, I would just keep going.

Next I'm also going to set and track a goal of riding at least 5 days per week for at least an hour. That means more 5:45 rides with the SPP on weekdays I don't commute, and some weeks that will mean tolerating more wet weather.

Finally I'll also keep score each week of how many days I stay under the 2200 net calorie limit. The changes above are intended to make it easier to stay on track for the net calories 7 days / week.

These are all behavioral targets that can be measured daily and weekly to hold myself accountable. They are intended to further my one real goal which is continued weight loss. But that naturally moves in small increments each week so I feel like tracking my behavior gives me something more tangible in the short term.

Also made a change on the bike. I have two sets of wheels now so I can mount different tires for different conditions and switch easily. I've been riding 700 x 28 tires on the Surly for some time now. But since the dark commute hours have set in I can't see the potholes as well to avoid them. That's resulted in more pinch flats and some popped spokes. I've put a set of wider tires on for commuting when I will be riding mostly in the dark, more heavily loaded, and potentially more in the wet. This morning was the first ride on the 700 x 35 rubber. No issues, the ride was comfortable and they handle fine. We'll see if it helps.

I can still switch back quickly to the 700 x 28 set for longer rides when I expect to ride in the daylight and dry conditions, they are lighter and firmer. The forecast this weekend for the big ride to OC and back is looking good. It's a supported ride so I don't need to carry anything but water bottles and light snacks. I expect I'll still use the skinny tires for that unless the forecast turns wet.

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  1. Good adjustments! I'd also suggest that you have weekly calorie goals. One slightly over day still has the other days of the week to hold it accountable, making a binge day less likely.

    After OC11, I'm getting focused also.