Saturday, October 9, 2010

Seagull Century - A good day with friends and family

I rode the Seagull Century in Salisbury, MD today. This will be short as I have another big ride tomorrow and will be turning in shortly. In attendance with our group where my brother Todd (his first century ride) my uncle Dave W, Earl J from the SPP, Jeff S from the SPP and Jerry R a friend from high school.

This represents a diverse experience level. We set out together but knew that we may need to split based on desired pace. At different points throughout the day we came together and split apart again, though Todd and I made a point to hang together. The pace was harder than I'd originally intended. We averaged 19.5 mph over the first 63 miles to Assateague! Todd and I both left a lot on the course to support that and decided to the let the others continue on while we throttled down for the last third of the ride. We finished at 2:00 sharp 7 hours after we started with 17.8 mph overall average. 19.5 to Assateague then 15.5 from there to back to Salisbury.

As usual the logistical support from Salisbury U was fantastic. Food, entertainment and all the fun you could want to have with 8000 of your closest friends on a bike. The weather was incredible, though the headwind the last 30 miles or so was unfortunate. It was great was great to spend the day with my brother and other friends.

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  1. That head wind is typical. Good to find a group to draft behind on the return leg if possible.