Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tour de Elon

This past weekend my wife, eldest son and I drove down to Elon University to see our oldest daughter during the University's annual family weekend. Bob C of the SPP also has a daughter at Elon and made the trip with his family. We took our bikes and had a great ride around town Saturday morning. The only snag was our plan to stop for coffee after. Apparently college students are not typically "morning people". So the coffee shops near campus don't open until 9 AM on Saturdays!! It took us three tries to find a shop open before 8.

We had a wonderful weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Very gratifying to see our oldest launching in to the world and doing so well. The weekend activities included ballroom dancing with club Taylor has joined, my early Saturday bike ride with Bob, a football game, watching an ultimate frisbee game with Taylor's team, brunch at the University President's home and plenty of time to visit with our girl.

I have pics and video of the dancing but have been threatened with being disowned by my elder children if I post them. Hmmmm seems I should be able to blackmail something from them for the original files.

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  1. Post the clips mate, it's always good to keep your kids on their toes. When my daughter is getting a bit sassy, I always threaten to appear at her school disco and dance with her in front of her mates.

    That never fails to calm her down!