Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Work, Football, Home

I had a pretty good day today. It started rough, but kept getting better. I rode the bike in to work in intermittent rain showers. Dark, cold and wet. It wasn't pleasant but with the right clothes on, it felt good to be back on the bike. Then the puncture fairy struck about half way to the office. Changing a tire in the rain is definitely not my idea of fun. Took care of business and got the to the office a bit later than I had wanted.

But my thermos had kept the pumpkin spiced coffee nice and warm, things started looking up from there. The work day was productive. The food intake was consistent with my goals for eating versus burning. I got out of the office on time and rode to Zach's game at Kinder Park.

The game was a cliff hanger. Zach plays on the line both offense and defense and his coach usually leaves him in for almost every play from scrimmage. Tonight was the same and he carried himself quite well with several good blocks and a couple tackles. His team scored a touchdown to tie the game with 30 seconds left. Then they made the extra point to go up by one and hung on to win it!