Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Work, Pizza, Home

The weather was unseasonably warm today. I rode in shorts and a jersey with no cold gear at all. A pleasant change.

Mid way through a tedious work day I got an email that a few of the SPP were meeting for a Tuesday night ride and a pizza. Something to look forward to for the rest of the day. I met them at Squizitos and enjoyed a couple of slices and a couple of brews. Everyone is looking forward to the big OC ride this weekend. Stevensville to Ocean City on Saturday. Then we enjoy a big spaghetti dinner and stay overnight in hotel. Sunday we're up early for breakfast and a return ride to Stevensville. Approximately 225 miles round trip.

It's day 2 on my new goals program. I'm under my net calorie goal both days and I've ridden both days. After 40 miles, even a couple of slices and light beer didn't push me over. So far so good, but I'll reserve the glowing optimism until I can track a consistent trend on the scale.

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