Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Month Completed

Well November is done. I rode on 17 different occasions (round trip to work counts as one), covered 701 miles and lost 3 lbs. The number of rides and weight loss are a little disappointing. 25 rides and 5 or 6lbs lost would be much more satisfying. But it seems there was always a reason to do something else. Cold, rain, fatigue, commitments at work, cub scouts, kids sports, etc. and always a tempting treat or second helping waiting to be consumed. None of this really justified letting the weight loss mission suffer, but there it is. I suppose I can take a moral victory not gaining weight over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

So December's goal: 25 riding days. Tomorrow's forecast (Dec 1st): torrential rain. Looks like I'll be off to a good start.


  1. That's some impressive mileage Mike. I'd be a bit disappointed with only a 3lb loss after all those miles. I rode half that mileage and lost twice the amount and I was a little disappointed. Go figure!

  2. Hey, 3 lbs! You broke the plateau. Yes, 5-6 would have been more encouraging. Remember this. Our bodies are hardwired to gain weight as the light fades, preparing us for winter (you big bear, you). Weight loss at this time of year is more of a challenge. So it is more than a moral victory. It is an accomplishment, albeit smaller than desired. Congrats on the 700 miles. I only got 400.