Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Breakfast ride then Work

Only 4 of us met at the Rusty Bridge for the breakfast ride. Temps in the 40s and a light drizzle weren't the most inviting conditions for the start, but the forecast suggested the rain would pass by the time we finished breakfast, and it it did.

But the time we reached Annapolis Dave had opted to not accompany us across the river and we picked up Jeff, Dan, Chip and Bryan. So 7 of us rode in to Chick N Ruths were we met Charlie and Doug for some good morning grub. From there I made the Friday check all the way to the office near BWI.

It was my first run with the new Showers Pass Elite 2 jacket. I'd had my eye on this one for a while, read several great reviews and got a thumbs up from Chris when he wore his for a portion of the OC ride. This wasn't too tough a test, the rain was light and cleared early, but another factor was how well it vents to avoid overheating and let's moisture wick out. My first impressions are very good.

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