Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quick Saturday Workout

Squeezed in a quick 20 miles between the funeral and heading to the shore to celebrate with the finishers of the Flatbread 200K. What a great event. 73 riders set a new record for a DC Area Brevet. SPP's Chip Adams and Chris Lane orchestrated the whole thing. 14 riders from SPP all finished in the first third of the pack and eventually all 73 riders finished successfully, the last with still an hour and half left on the time limit.

Sorry I missed it, but paying respects to Charlie's legacy and being there for his family was the right choice. I met Charlie Bare when I was but 14 years old as a Boy Scout and he was one of our troop committee members, working behind the scenes to raise funds, help with transportation and pitch in a thousand ways that us kids never understood. He would keep this up for 30 years! Long after his own sons had grown and graduated from the program. Well done sir and rest in peace.

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