Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday with SPP

A good morning with the bike club. 6 of us set out from the Ranger Station at 6 am to ride the Solley Rd loop. At 19 mph in the dark the pace line struck a nasty pothole on Ft. Smallwood Rd. My steel bottle flew out of the cage, I was in the drops at the time and my bars actually rocked slightly forward with the sudden down ward pressure on the end of the bar. Cliff in front of me also lost some bottles and accessories. All of the noise and the sudden jolt, I thought the bike was coming apart beneath me. Once we pulled over and the dust settled.. no riders went down, no apparent mechanical damage to any bikes or rims, but it cost Clif two tubes and one for me.

After replacing the tubes and gathering ourselves, we had to cut the route a little short to make it to the Rusty Bridge by 7:30 to meet the rest of the club for the breakfast ride to Annapolis. Despite the close scare and the abbreviated route, it was a good workout and a fun ride in the early chill. Another 10 or so riders were waiting to meet us at the Rusty Bridge. Always lots of fun to visit with folks, share stories from last week's OC ride and generally catch up.

After breakfast the Italian place I returned home with Clint while much of the rest of the group was planning to head out to Crownsville and enjoy the sunny day.

The rest of the day includes overlapping football games for Zach and Erik, the Cub Scouts Rain Gutter Regatta, Navy football vs ECU on TV and dinner out at friends' house with Tivy tonight. A typical busy weekend.... love it.

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