Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Rode to work this A.M. in full rain gear: jacket, pants, and overshoes. Gross. I was hot and tired when I got to the office. There was a slow steady drizzle the whole way with temp just above 50 deg F.

For the ride home I shed the rain pants as temps were now closer to 60. More comfortable, but still a steady drizzle most of the way.

I don't really understand why my speed both ways so much slower than normal, but my heart rate was at or above the average from yesterday the whole way. The rain pants add a bit of friction sliding along the legs with each stroke. But I didn't wear them on the way home and I still felt slower than molasses. Other than the wet weather, both trips were uneventful.


  1. Might be the conditions mate, my average is down for the same HR. Not too bothered though, I'm doing it for weight loss not cycle proficiency.

  2. Thanks Clive. You're right, gotta keep my eye on the right set of numbers.