Monday, November 15, 2010

Work then home - split tire

A little grey and overcast this morning for the ride in, but the temps was pleasant in the upper 40s. Everything was fine until I heard a hisss coming from the front wheel just as I turned out of the cross over trail on to Stewart Ave near the State Highway barns.

The bead was separating from the sidewall on the left side of my front tire. The tire only has about 400 miles on it. Very frustrating. What's more, I wasn't sure how I was going to repair it. Just as I was contemplating my fate, Bill Cunningham with the SPP rolled up on his way to Northrup Grumman. And he had a tire boot in his kit. I was saved! The boot is a tough vinyl patch with a supper adhesive for patching a torn or split sidewall long enough to get you home.

It worked. I made it to the office and back home again. I had already concluded I didn't care for these tires as the tread seemed to have terrible grip on wet pavement. The whole reason I'd gone to a fatter tire for the winter commute was for better grip and a little more forgiving of road obstacles. This set was neither and I had a new set of Continental Touring Plus tires waiting at home to go on the bike. So once home I went straight to BD for a set of those tire boots to include in my own kit and a couple fresh fat tubes to go with touring tires.

A quick test ride confirmed I had the new touring tires mounted without any unusual bumps or wobbles before I put the bike away for the night.

I owe Bill breakfast at the next weekend opportunity.


  1. I'm impressed you rode the repaired tire home. I watched the time to offer you a ride home, but a conflict showed up at about the time I was ready to offer.


  2. Thanks for thinking of me. The tear was small and the boot is an impressive bit of vinyl and glue, it held up remarkably well. It weighs nothing, costs little. A worthy addition to the kit.

  3. Bicycling mag suggested carrying duct tape (wrapped around tire levers) for this purpose also.

  4. Yep, that would probably work. The DT would probably have other uses too in a pinch.

  5. I have Continental Touring plus tyres on my mountain bike. They're an impressive tyre but they are a bitch to fit! I might just order a tyre boot just in case.

  6. Toby, this is the second set of continentals I've used and I had the same experience. They are very tight getting them on the rim. But generally the ride and puncture resistance have been very good.

    The boot I used is from Park Tools

    Inexpensive, practically weightless, and after my experience last week: priceless. Stopped that evening and picked up a set at the local bike shop to include in my repair kit.