Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5:45 with SPP

5 of us met at the Rusty Bridge at 5:45. Temp was around 21 deg F, winds WNW at 17. All standing water had long since turned to ice. Light snow flurries covered the ice and made it look like grey paint in our head lights. I actually thought it was paint at first as there is a lot of utility work going on along the trail these days. Then I noticed Earl's tire was leaving a track in the "paint". It was a light dust of snow on top of black ice. Otherwise the flurries were not accumulating. These patches were small but quite slick. Coasting over them while avoiding the brakes, turns or trying to pedal to accelerate lets momentum work as it should, a body in motion on the bike just keeps going in a straight line.

It was really quite fun to meet up with the gang for a quick ride this morning. Earl, Clint and I are going to ride the Sailing to Solomon's 200K this Friday. Earl has Friday's off and the forecast is about as good as we can hope for in December. Should be above freezing, clear and light winds all day. So Clint and I have each managed a day off as well. It will be Earl's first official Randonee, it will be my 12th and for Clint number 4987.... I think. I'm very much looking forward to completing the R-12.

Another note on wardrobe. Last Friday I ditched the wind jacket in favor of extra layers of wool and tech fabrics that wick moisture and was pleased with the result. This AM it was at least 5 deg cooler and quite windy. I did essentially the same and it worked quite well.

From the inside out:

  • Perl Izumi Amphib Winter Bibs - the bib portion has a light fleece lining and come up to the middle of my chest.
  • 200 weight icebreaker wool base layer - long sleeve
  • 260 weight icebreaker wool base layer - long sleeve
  • Short sleeve summer jersey
  • Long sleeve Perl jersey with a light fleece lining

For gloves I wore the day glow yellow SealSkinz gloves and a pair of oversized summer short finger gloves with padding outside of the SealSkinz. Also a great combination. The wool Defeet liners down to about freezing then switch to the SealSkinz below freezing.

On the head I wore a balaclava and an Underarmor winter skull cap under my helmet.

I plan a similar combination for the 200K Friday. The number of wool layers to be determined at ride time based on the temp. I definitely think the jacket is relegated to wet weather only at this point. I'll carry it in the trunk bag in case we find our selves stopped for any reason while out in the open it will serve as an extra layer to keep warm when the engine's not running if I need it. But wearing it over the wool, even below freezing seems to lead to a lot of damp wool.

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