Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Breakfast Ride

Great ride this morning. 7 of us set out from the Rusty Bridge for Annapolis to have breakfast. Clint had his bike decked out with LED Christmas Lights. As soon as I get access to the pics I'll add a link. It was quite an effect.

I always enjoy Fridays. Besides a great ride with friends, I have additional pals who meet at Chic N Ruth's deli on Main St. This morning both groups were well attended. My brother Justin, Franklin Bowen, Mark Paepcke, and Jerry Rush joined us who are not often regulars. Jerry gets extra points for riding his bike all the way from Catonsville.

Talk at C n R focused on tomorrow's Army Navy football game which several of us plan to attend in Philadelphia. It should be a close game with Army enjoying it's first winning season in a decade. I'm very much looking forward to it.

The other big thing I'm still working on is getting my final ride done for the R-12. Right now i have my eye on the 18th, and Clint said he may join me. That would be great to avoid riding alone. But the 10 day forecast on Wx Channel says the 18th may be dreary and wet. So I'll follow the forecast as it gets closer and try to pick a dry day the 17th or 18th. Earl might be available to join me on the 17th. As a pastor, he obviously works most weekends and Friday is his traditional day off.

Either way I'm looking forward to getting it done, if I get to ride with one or more partners that would be a big bonus, and hopefully threading the needle around weather events.

An interesting article has been circulating recently about Layering Tricks for cold weather cycling. It points out that a jacket is no substitute for proper layers and the jacket may not actually be necessary. I've been riding lately with my ShowersPass Elite 2.0 jacket over a jersey and a wool base layer. The Elite 2.0 is a great jacket. Wind proof and water proof and breathes better than any similar jacket I've worn. But breathing better doesn't mean it breathes sufficiently. I'm a big guy and I perspire a lot and with this or any jacket outside of my base layer(s) and jersey I found (again) that the perspiration built up and other garments become quite damp. Then of course when I slow down, I'm susceptible to getting chilled.

This morning I followed the formula in the article and was pleasantly surprised how much less moisture I retained in my clothing. I put on a 260 weight IceBreaker wool base layer, a jersey and a long sleeve Perl Izumi jersey that is slightly heavier than a normal jersey. It worked wonderfully. I might add one more very light wool layer beneath the rather heave layer I wore today, but the concept worked well. The Elite 2.0 will certainly come out at the first hint of rain. In cold conditions on longer rides it will also likely ride along in the trunk bag so I have a layer to add if I have to stop for a flat or other issue that might leave me exposed to the elements without the engine running.

I've already learned this same lesson last winter. But I had to live it and read it again to get it to sink in.


  1. Mike, Your blog seems to be acting up. Maybe it's just me, but on my home computer, my laptoip and my work computer it freezes and hestitates reloading the page. Just an FYI.

  2. Thanks. Maybe one of these plug ins is causing it. Except for those, you and are using the same service and technology. Can't imagine what else it might be. I'll pull them out when I get a minute and see if that helps.

  3. Seems to be an Internet Exploder issue. Site opens fine in Firefox.