Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Winter

I know that the solstice is still more than a week out but two days in a row now I've ridden in the mid or lower 20's and it's COLD.

I met 9 riders this AM at the Rusty Bridge for the SPP 05:45. It was 21 degrees setting out and since it was still dark, the temp continued to fall. It takes us a minute in these conditions to recognize one another as we're all so bundled up that nothing is visible except eye goggles and a nose poking through the mask. Puddles are frozen, road hazards that might be inconvenient at 50 deg if they caused a flat mean risking frostbite and chills while dealing with the problem. Yet this intrepid group still musters every weekday morning and rides on. I always enjoy it when I join them rather than ride to work and will probably do so more frequently as the temps keep falling and the evening ride home becomes a bit less appealing.

Tomorrow we ride to Annapolis for breakfast. Always a great time.

GarminConnect seems a little off this morning, I'm having trouble getting in to load the ride. I'll post the track later when it's back up to speed.

Late Post: here's the track.


  1. You're absolutely insane. It is literally freezing outside! Sorry I haven't replied to any of your posts in awhile, but I have been reading them. Good luck on your final Randonneur (Sp?) ride! I saw one of the SPP riders this morning... Don't recall his name, but an old guy riding over Rt 97 on Benfield. Take care and stay warm!

  2. Great to hear from you. Thanks, I'm hoping to get that last ride in next weekend.

    Remember, there's no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing. You have to stay fit, even in winter and the bike is a great way to do it. Hope you to see you out there.