Monday, December 27, 2010

Mosey Monday - first ride of the season with snow tires

I put the studded tires on the bike last night in anticipation of wet / icy conditions this A.M. The blizzard passed east of us and we got less than 2 inches of snow. The weather guessers were right, this was a big storm, but it kept them on their toes trying to predict it's track. The Eastern Shore of MD got considerably more snow than we did.

The roads were mostly wet with many patches of dry salt encrusted pavement and a few side street with snow and ice. The Schwalbe winter tires have little carbide steel studs that grip remarkably well on ice and a bit of tread that is useful in very light snow cover like we had this A.M. They are heavy, and loud on bare pavement, but they feel sure footed when heading in to unknown conditions like today.

It got out the door a few minutes later than intended so I followed the expected track of the riders in reverse and met Dave P on Light Street Rd about a 3/4 miles south of the RB. It was just the two of us and we enjoyed the brisk morning.

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