Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Route - New Ride Partner

Bill Cunningham, a fellow SPPer, wrote me over the weekend and suggested we ride to work together this week. Traveling Monday and Tuesday, today was the first opportunity. We met at the RB at the leisurely hour of 6:30 and rode together to the airport. He works at the Northrop Grumman plant about 2 miles from my office by bike.

It was chilly but we had a good ride. Always helps to set a date with a ride partner to make sure I actually get up and get on the bike. When the whistle blew we even managed to synch up again for the ride home. Bill showed me a new route home that avoids the dodgy part of the trail behind the Marley mall, is more direct than my West B & A route, and only has one congested intersection to negotiate. Not a bad option. You can follow the details by clicking the map below.

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