Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pre-Blizzard Ride to B'more

The forecast for Dec 26th snow fall has been rather chaotic leading up to this morning. I was disappointed at the prospect of 6+ inches and the chance it would cut down on biking opportunities this week. My mileage for December is way down and I'm planning to push it back up a bit this week.

So I was glad to see the club email chatter last night suggesting a 7:30 ride this morning to beat the snow. Committing to join friends is often the best way to discipline my self to actually get out of bed and clip in on a cold morning. It worked. Janet, Clint, Bryan and I had a great ride up to Bonaparte's Cakes and Pastries in Fell's Point.

Every time the club headed to B'more the last year it always seemed like I had other commitments and couldn't go. So I was glad when Clint suggested we head north instead of going to Annapolis. Entering Baltimore from the south requires passing through some of the grittier neighborhoods in the city. We followed side streets parallel to MD-295 until we got to the city incinerator plant. A bike trail from there took us the M & T Bank Stadium, home of the Ravens, then through downtown to Fells Point. I wouldn't try to navigate those neighborhoods alone or in the dark, but in a group during daylight they provide a reminder that life offers different challenges to different people.

It was a fun ride. The overcast sky and north wind made sure we appreciated the coffee shop when we got there. Gardner lives nearby and when we called, he quickly agreed to meet us there. So the 5 of us enjoyed great service, good pastries and coffee while we recounted our Christmas stories.

On the ride home the first light flurries of the day's snow fall started. I'm glad to report as I write this Sunday evening that it looks like predictions of Snowmageddon appear over blown. 1 - 3 inches now looks likely. I mounted the studded tires today and plan to ride in the morning.

Great service at Bonaparte's. Photo courtesy of Bryan Nelson
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