Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday Breakfast Ride

Several of the bike club are taking the holiday week off. So instead of just a quick Wednesday lap we rode down in to Annapolis and had breakfast at the Big Bean.   More of the same planned for tomorrow and Friday.

The weather was hovering right at freezing when I set out this morning so I dressed accordingly and swapped the studded tires (heavy, slow, but oh so secure on ice and snow) for the my normal touring tires and set out to meet them.

At  breakfast we called Clint to harass him about not joining us, his excuse was a business trip. He does that others frequently so it was his turn.  After we ate, no one really wanted to leave.  We lingered over breakfast for a while and finally set out for home.

The southern end of the trail was not completely thawed out from Sunday's snow so our route included Ritchie Hwy for the last few miles to town and the return leg.  The shoulders there were well cleared with only a few piles of salt to dodge.

A great start to the morning.

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