Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Cold Ride

Slightly warmer than yesterday, we again had seven riders set out at 7:30 am with temps in the upper teens at the start. The route was less ambitious this morning heading to Annapolis for coffee and gnash then back home.

I ate a more substantial snack before ride today in hopes of improving my energy level. It didn't help. I still lagged the group on any climbs. Chip held back with me and as a result we missed the group turning left at Jones Station to head down College Parkway. After another mile or two it was clear we'd missed something and called them to make sure they weren't waiting for us. We regrouped downtown and enjoyed a nice breakfast at the Hard Bean.

The other patrons commented on our little outing with comments that ranged from admiration, to envy or out right astonishment that 7 people would intentionally go riding in such cold temps.

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