Saturday, January 1, 2011

Breakfast then Bay Ridge - Happy 2011

Met Chris at the Park n Ride at 6:45.  We headed to Java Diva's for a cuppa and to see if the 6:00 riders would appear.  The emails on New Years Eve suggested little interest in the early ride and no one appeared.  At the Rusty Bridge we met Dave, Neil, Bryan and Jim.  When Chris asked Dave where his helmet was he grabbed his head and realized he'd ridden off without it.  He begged off and returned to fetch it but told us not to wait.

The 5 of us set out for Annapolis.  Everyone seemed more interested in a leisurely ride than a work out so we just stayed on the trail to Boulters Way.

In Annapolis we selected Chick N Ruth's and sat down to a slightly too big breakfast.  After this hearty meal, Chris and Jim left straight for home.  Neil, Bryan and I added a lap around Bay Ridge. 

So 2011 has begun and I've got my first 36 miles to show for it.  A good start.


  1. Very nice start of the year man! Weather was too damn good to pass up today. Did my first (albeit short) ride in quite some time!

  2. Yeah the morning was great and it just got better through the afternoon.