Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crofton - Caribou Coffee

Met Chris this morning and rode to the Caribou Coffee house in Crofton. We hadn't been out in a while and both enjoyed the chance to catch up. As always coffee and gnash at the Caribou was very tasty.

The area between Generals Hwy and Crofton sports several horse farms and large estates. We stopped at one farm where several horses were grazing in a pasture next to the road. They were layered up for the cold weather just like we were. I snapped a few pics and the horses came right to the fence line. I think they were looking for a treat. Unfortunately I had nothing to offer, nor would I presume to give them food with their owner or caretaker there to ensure I didn't give them anything inappropriate. Still it was a shame to disappoint them.

As I sat down to write this I realized the adapter for my camera is at the office. So you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the horses in their blankets.

The ride reports from our friends who set out Friday night on a 200K perm are starting to come out now that they have had a chance to recover. All of them finished safely in a time of 10:30. They all mentioned the cold and the challenges of control stops that were closed and required them to improvise or ask for brief shelter in hotel lobby. I didn't realize it when they were planning this adventure but this was Bryan's first RUSA perm and his longest ride to date. Quite a way to experience it first. I'm looking forward to hearing more tonight at the happy hour.

From Biking 20011
Saw this guy while pedaling past his farm just outside of Crofton.
Follow the link to the album to see more.


  1. Nice ride! How was the biking across Route 3?

  2. Not bad on a Sunday morning. It's a little less than a mile from St. Stevens Church Rd to the shopping center and the shoulder is wide. There's also a substantial median at that point, so you only have to cross one direction of travel at a time to make the left from St. Stevens Church and again when leaving he parking lot.

    Not sure I'd try it on a week day though.