Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Ride with the Club

A nice crisp morning to meet the guys for a bike ride. Four of us met at the bridge at 5:45 for a ride to Annapolis. There we met Doug and Rod at chick n ruth's. I was good and had eggs, toast and coffee. Avoided the lard (bacon) and other poor diet choices.

Such food discipline was not the case while traveling this week in Richmond. Southern hospitality would kill me if I had to spend too much time down there. Delicious, but loads of butter and gravy on everything.

So I'm back home and now my streak is back to one day for food discipline. My mileage is also well off my goal pace for the month. I want to complete at least 9000 miles this year. I set a schedule that assumes the cold months have lower miles than the warm months, but the target for January is still 650 miles. At this point I will likely finish the month below that goal, but I should be able to close the gap some by commuting next week and roll in to February less than 100 miles off pace.

Missing from this morning's ride were Chip, Clint, Dan, Bryan and Clif. They are clipping in at 7 pm this evening to ride the Eastern Shore Reversed 200K through the night. The forecast is cold, clear and calm. To the extent that you can have a good night in January, it looks like they will. Temps mid 20's through the night, with little or no wind forecast and absolutely no precipitation forecast. It will be a 3/4 moon though they may have some clouds obscuring that. I wish very much I could be with them but work, family and other personal demands require my attention this weekend.

Sunday is the SPP awards ceremony recognizing accomplishments for the annual mileage challenge. I'm sure we'll hear the tale of the midnight ride in all of it's glory then. Bon Route gentlemen!

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