Saturday, January 22, 2011

Glorious Winter Ride

When the temps reach the low teens, the winds are calm and the skies clear, there's only one thing to do... go for a ride.

I met 6 others at the Rusty Bridge at 7:30 and we set out for the Caribou Coffee in Crofton via Annapolis and the rolling hills south of General's Hwy.

It was COLD but in the last two winters I've collected enough layers that I was dressed for it. I was struggling a bit to keep what was really a gentle pace. On every climb, even the gentle ones I'd fall off the back and my heart rate would quickly run up to 160bpm or higher.

But my ride mates made sure we were in visual contact at each major intersection and we made it to Crofton at about mile 30 without incident. Jeff and Dave took the short cut and stayed on General's Hwy I assume to return to Severna Park and warm up.

When we got to Caribou Coffee in Crofton I had icicles in my beard where my breath condensed. I did snap a self portrait but again left the camera adapter at work. So it will be posted later.

I then had an egg and sausage sandwich and coffee. I'm sure it would have tasted good if I had taken the time to enjoy it, but I was hungry and wolfed it down quickly.

From the coffee shop I had to break with the rest and head due north to catch my son's basketball game at 11 am at Shipley's Choice Elementary. I think my early struggle with the pace was due to inadequate nutrition and hydration prior to the ride. I felt great for the last few miles from Crofton to Millersville.

Erik played well in his game with several great rebounds and a lot of enthusiastic shooting. At his age group, they don't formally keep score but if they had, they would have noted Erik's team won 10 - 8.

Tivy brought the truck to the game I loaded the bike on the rack for the ride home. It was a good morning. Looking forward to Zach's game this afternoon and game night at friend's house later tonight. May also get to meet my oldest son's new flame as they may join us for game night.

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