Saturday, January 29, 2011

A good start for the weekend

A couple of nice rides Friday and Saturday. We had fast heavy snow fall Wednesday night, about 6 inches over Annapolis and Severna Park. By Friday morning power was restored, all major roads were plowed and the temps were hovering just below freezing. There was black ice everywhere, the snow melted during the day, ran across the road and re-froze overnight.

Naturally these looked like ideal conditions to go for a bike ride. So four of us met at the RB and rode to Annapolis for breakfast. Dan, Earl, Bryan and I stayed on the roads and set an easy pace to Annapolis. There we met Rod and had a nice breakfast at Chick N Ruth's. C n R is an Annapolis institution that's been open on Main St for like 50 years. With the MD Legislature in session it's frequently busy on Friday mornings, and the other patrons are always bemused by our appearance. The crazy guys on bikes, on a freezing morning before dawn. Then we had to go to work for the day. The real world can be such downer after you get off the bike.

Saturday I met Bryan, Clint, Chip, Janet and Dave and we again headed to 'Naptown. This time breakfast was the Hard Bean. Dave and Clint left from there to head home. The rest of us to Sandy Point to watch the Polar Bear plunge. Bryan broke a spoke along the way. But he just opened the brakes a little wider and kept riding on his wobbly wheel.

The Plunge was quite a spectacle. It's a charity event to raise money for Special Olympics and every year it raises several million dollars in pledges for people willing to take a dunk in the Bay in mid January. When we got there the Super Plungers were finishing 24 hours of dunking. Once an hour since noon Friday. The big public plunge where thousands dive in at once wouldn't be until later in the day. The whole thing is set up like a carnival with clowns on stilts, funnel cakes, hot chocolate and a big crowd in a good mood.

From Polar Bear Plunge - 2011

From Polar Bear Plunge - 2011

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