Friday, January 7, 2011

Hurray I rode My Bike Today...

First time this week. I hated taking 4 days off but I feel good about what I got done at work coming in early every morning.

The forecast said 50% chance of snow showers when I went to bed last night. Woke up to 33 deg on the thermometer and no sign of snow so I suited up for the Friday morning ride to Annapolis for Breakfast. By the time I was putting on my final layer I could see some flakes falling in the porch light.

Before I made it 5 miles from home to the Rusty Bridge at 5:45 there was 1/4 to 1/2 inch on the trail and I had to stop twice to wipe snow from my glasses! It was very peaceful at that hour with the big heavy flakes falling. The whole time I was convinced I would be alone at the bridge. Then I saw tracks after I crossed Earliegh Heights Blvd and was pretty sure that would be Earl. His habit is often to arrive a few minutes early and he accesses the trail further north than I do. Sure enough, there he was. Eventually 5 of us made the rendezvous despite the snow and set off for Annapolis. Chip joined us by the Ranger Station and all enjoyed a moderate pace.

The snow let up as we rode and had stopped completely by the time we got to the south end of the trail. The snow cover had effects on different bike and tire configurations. Bryan had a camera and a few pics were taken so I'll link to them once he posts them. The snow clogged Earl's fenders so that he was carrying more weight and could feel the resistance on his wheels. He removed them. We also saw neat patterns as it sprayed off of the wheels, creating a rooster tail on Bryan's bike. All great fun.

I broke away once down town and joined Rod for Breakfast at C n R. Then rejoined the group for the ride home.

Yesterday saw some hijinx with some sort of small incendiaries mailed to state offices. The news crews were all parked outside of the state buildings as we left to report on the story. No one was reported seriously hurt and they are still investigating to sort it out.

As the sun came up the skies started clearing and it was clear that the quick snow shower from earlier was all we'd see for the day.

It was great to work the legs again after several days off, and always fun to ride with the group. Several of them are planning to ride a 200K starting next Friday evening at 7 pm and ride through the night. They should finish well before sunrise. It's the same Eastern Shore Reversed route from Wallops to Cape Charles and back that I rode in October. Rural, quiet and flat. The moon will be 3/4 or better full. If the sky is clear and the wind calm it could be a wonderful evening. Very tempting to join them. We'll see.

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