Monday, January 31, 2011

January is Done

I'm disappointed with my progress towards my riding and heath goals for January. I only clipped in 15 times in 31 days. I rode 453 miles against a goal for the month of 650 and worst of all I gained 5 lbs! Portion control and food selection were obviously a problem too. The low mileage is especially disappointing. 6 more round trips to work, 1.5 per week, would have been sufficient to meet this target.

But my goals for the year: 9000 miles, complete at least one 300K ride and get my weight down to 200lbs are all still achievable. So February 1st is a chance to re-focus myself on these objectives, especially the food intake and it's affect on my weight.

Today's commute to work was however, very refreshing. I always feel good when I get off the bike in the evening at home. Tonight when I walked in there was also a fire going in the fireplace. Priceless.

Riding home down Oakwood as I approached Elvaton, where I should have made a left, I was pushing up a slight rise and when I saw the light turn green I just kept pushing. When Oakwood turns sharp right and becomes Old Mill another quarter mile past my turn I realized my mistake. Bonus miles on my commute home from work. More evidence I'm not riding enough.

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