Monday, January 17, 2011

Mosey Monday

Met the club for the 5:45 ride this morning. A good way to get the heart rate up and start the day. There were 6 of us total. 4 of them had done the all night brevet on Friday night so everyone seemed content with the "Mosey" Monday pace. That was fine with me as it still got my heart rate up a little bit.

The temp was slightly warmer than forecast which should bode well for Earl riding the Sailing to Solomons perm solo. If he finishes before 6 this evening he should beat the snow showers. I'm sure he'll do fine.

As promised I updated yesterday's post to include the horses we saw yesterday while riding with Chris.


  1. Still looking to take a local shot of the Chesapeake Bay to replace this stock photo in the background. Then I think I'll have it nailed down.