Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Future Is Looking Bright

I enjoyed a rare treat this evening. I was invited to present the Eagle Scout award to Noah Fowler, of Boy Scout Troop 396 in Annapolis, MD. Noah's father, Charlie, and I were scouts together in this same troop when we were boys and we both earned our Eagle Scout awards there. 30 years later Charlie and I are still close friends.

Noah and the other young men of Troop 396 are a wonderful, talented group. While they were gathered to honor one of their own, I had the chance to visit with a couple of them. I met scholars, athletes and most importantly, young leaders with big ambitions. It was like looking through a time machine at younger versions of Charlie and I and our other friends.

Tomorrow I get to see my own son, Justin, perform as Minstrel in the Children's Theatre of Annapolis production of Once Upon a Mattress. He's been working with CTA for 6 or 7 years now and this will be his last show with this group as he will no longer be eligible when he graduates from High School later this spring. The show, and Justin in particular, have garnered strong reviews from the Baltimore Sun and other local press. More importantly for a proud father, we've heard from the director and other volunteers at CTA that Justin's leadership has been instrumental in helping the cast come together effectively as a team. I'm looking forward to the show tomorrow.

I'm also feeling pretty damn good about the new generation that is about to leave our nests and strike out in the world.

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