Sunday, January 30, 2011

Poking Around Glen Burnie

Temps this afternoon got up to 42 deg F. I couldn't pass that opportunity... riding with less clothing!! So I skipped the full length wind pants and the balaclava. It was great.

I'm determined to get a couple of commutes in this week on the bike. So I used the opportunity to scout how much of the trail I could count on using up north. It's good to the detour around the Jumpers Hole washout. Then things start to fall apart. Behind Jumpers Mall it's marginal, but the bridge over MD 100 and the section behind the Marley Mall are impassable. I walked the bike over the bridge, then when I saw the conditions behind the mall, I bailed out. Cut through the mall parking lot and took Ritchie Hwy to Aquahart.

I rode as far as Stewart Ave and Dorsey Rd. From there I could see that the loop trail around BWI and the connector between the B&A and BWI trails are both completely snow covered. So it looks like my best bet is the trail to Jumpers Hole then I'll take Elvaton to Oakwood past the hospital up to Aquahart. I came home that way and the roads are fine.

It's been so long since I've ridden up this way, I didn't know they'd broken ground on a new water tower on Jumpers Hole Rd just south of Waterford. At least I think that's what it is. Also saw these bucket trucks parked for the weekend at the old Luckie's market. I guess they raise the buckets to keep any bozos from climbing on them.

From Biking 2011

From Biking 2011

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