Sunday, January 2, 2011

Warm, Gray Day Around the River

After yesterday's ride I took advantage of sun and warm temps on New Year's day to attend to some much needed bike hygiene. Stripped it down cleaned thoroughly to remove all of the salt residue and general crud that's been building up with the winter road treatments after each hint of snow. It was pretty gross.

From Bike Cleaning 1/1/11

From Bike Cleaning 1/1/11

This morning we saw Taylor off to return to college for the winter term. It was good to have her home for the last two weeks.

After she was packed off for the drive to school, I set off for a lap around the river. It was still quite warm with the temp showing 50 deg F when I set out. It felt great to ride in just a jersey and light base layer. No winter weight pants, or balaclava. The sky was gray and threatening, but it never rained while I was out. Of course there had been rain overnight, so the roads were wet. So much for my shiny clean bike. It's been a while since I rode three days in a row, it felt good.

After the ride I watched the Ravens hang on to one of the ugliest wins of their season. The Bengals offense ran up 50% more yards than the Ravens but kindly kept giving the ball back to Ray Lewis and Ed Reed to keep the Ravens in it.

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