Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy Binnix Saturday

The Binnix clan was busy today. I got in a ride to Annapolis with Clint this morning. We delivered letters to the club sponsors asking if they are willing to contribute again since our club jersey's continues to carry their logos far and wide. We also talked about ideas for expanding the club's appeal to those who don't aspire to marathon events of 125+ miles at a shot.

Much of the rest of the club took advantage of the great weather to go further afield heading to Ellicot City. I had to get to Erik's basketball game by 10 am so the shorter ride suited me today.

Erik's last basketball game of the season was a hit. He and his team have come a long way learning to pass and work the offense rather than just dribble and shoot. This was followed by a team party at Bill Bateman's with trophies and speeches to congratulate the boys on their season. Team sports are so good for kids at this age (7 - 9).

The twins are off to babysit for a neighbor, Justin drove up to Columbia to see his buddy Sam, while Tivy, Zach, Erik and I enjoyed a Chinese food dinner.

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